Knowledge and Experience:

Working for the military as a photographer has given me a chance to experience a number of different photography skills from photojournalism to crime scene photography.  Now I am transitioning my photography to document the region of Little Rock, AR using my experience and knowledge to continue the career that I love.  My love is capturing various photography styles to create the image that represents what I see.  

I started my career as the staff photographer for Jones County Junior College journalism working with the newpaper and yearbook staff.  Garnishing two photojournalism awards within my time with the college.

Collins Studio in Laurel, Ms. offered me an apprenticeship where I learned wedding photography, Large Format photography, Medium Format photography, and introduction in darkroom processing.

My next adventure in photography sent me to Defense Visual Information School where I received formal training in photography with film and digital imagery.


  • Mississippi - Congressman Charles Pickering - acceptance speech - Photojournalism
  • National Football League - games, visits, and presentations - Photojournalism
  • President George Bush - Photojournalism
  • Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld - Photojournalism
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom - Photojournalism
  • Operation Enduring Freedom - Photojournalism
  • Humanitarian Missions to Port Au Prince - Photojournalism
  • Official Portrait for the Mayor of Jacksonville Ar. - Portrait Studio

 Imagery published:

  • National Archives
  • Logbook Magazine
  • Air Force Times
  • Airman Magazine
  • Common Dreams News and Views
  • 89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio
  • Intercom Magazine